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Nature Moments and Excursions

Do you remember how it feels to touch soft moss, breathe air freshened by the morning dew, or listen to the gentle hum of the wind in a quiet forest?

Human’s connection with nature is deep and multidimensional. We have always depended on nature and what it provides us. Nature is our original home, and still people need nature to support their well-being in their daily lives.

Strengthening our connection with nature can be the solution to improving well-being during today’s hectic life. A connection to nature provides a sense of security and feeling of being a part of a bigger world.


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Kahvipannu nuotiolla.

Customised Nature Moments and Excursions

Nature moments and excursions balance the mind and body, combining different health benefits of nature.
Our forest excursions can be combined with guided exercises, such as tree breathing, sensory walking or enjoying the silence in the forest, exploring wild herbs or a refreshing foot bath in damp moss. An excursion in nature can also
include relaxing around a campfire or relaxation exercises to the beat of a drum. Various games and competitions can also be included in our excursions.
We can arrange outdoor catering for the excursions. How does a moment to enjoy coffee and squeaky cheese with a spruce and lingonberry purée or twist bread with a wild herb topping sound like?
Nature moments come true in the forests of Ylivieska, the local forests of the Nature Whisperer. We can also organise nature moments in the forests of customer's choice, such as in the wonderful terrains of Linnakallio in Alavieska.
We tailor nature trips and moments according to the wishes of your group. Please don't hesitate to get in touch!


Work well-being

We organise experiential well-being days with for companies according to their staff’s wishes. Popular programmes have included sensory walking, tree breathing, drumming relaxation on a bed of moss, and exploring Finnish
nature's superfoods and wild herbs.


If you wish, you can add exercises that support well-being at work in the bosom of nature to the programme. You can also order high-quality food and end the day in the warmth of the sauna by the water.

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Themed Evenings

Themed evenings can consist of wild herb knowledge, a sensory walk, tree breathing or, for example, drum relaxation, according to your group's wishes. Themed evenings can be held in nature local to the Nature whisperer, or in a
location desired by the customer. Themed evenings can include dining by the campfire.

"Talking and eating at the campfire was nice and relaxing, especially as the weather happened to be nice."

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