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Hand Massage
jäsenkorjaus koulutus

Traditional Finnish Mobilisation

Traditional Finnish mobilisation is an old treatment method based on traditional Finnish culture. It is a traditional mobilisation treatment that opens and balances the whole body and is suitable for everyone. The treatment is
soft and makes use of the body’s natural range of motion and never exceeds the range of motion of the joints or produces pain. The treatment also includes
comprehensive muscle care and relaxation.


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"As a teacher, you radiate experience and determination. You are inspiring and encouraging, guiding us with precision and providing hands-on support when needed. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us!"


Brain relief ja Auvo

If you're interested in incorporating the Brain Relief method into your service offerings or even starting an entirely new career in this gentle touch therapy,














you can find more information at

brainrelief kaavio

"Kaisu, you are one of the warmest and most open-hearted individuals I have ever had the privilege of meeting in my life. The setting was perfect for such an intensive weekend. The course provided a solid foundation for further practice, and it left me hungry for more learning."

Brain Relief course participant.


Nature Guide Services

We organize nature guiding services for various groups, including special needs groups, seniors, and schoolchildren. In our guided outings, we combine nature knowledge, relaxation exercises, and tailored activities and games according to the group's preferences. Our services are primarily provided in the Kalajokilaakso region, but we also take groups to more distant locations such as the
Pyhä-Luosto area.

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