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perinteinen jäsenkorjaus

Traditional Finnish Mobilisation

Traditional Finnish mobilisation is an old treatment method based on traditional Finnish culture. It is a traditional mobilisation treatment that opens and balances the whole body and is suitable for everyone. The treatment is soft and makes use of the body’s natural range of motion and never exceeds the range of motion of the joints or produces pain. The treatment also includes comprehensive muscle care and relaxation.


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"I drive to your clinic impatiently. I´ve been waiting to see you for many days. I open the door and hear a familiar happy greeting and get a warm long hug.
I´ve been waiting for this, too. I see that you sincerely wish to hear about my life.
I get to lie on a warm table and feel the warmest hands. Those skillful hands
find and examine the incorrect positions and tensions in my body, and also the
stresses of my mind. Traditional Finnish mobilisation for the entire body in
your gentle, sensitive hands feels wonderful and very relaxing. I feel that my
postures have been tangibly corrected in my body, and at the same time my
mind has become balanced. I can only thank you from the bottom of my heart
that I have found my way to your treatment clinic!"

Alli 41v


Brain Relief and Auvo Treatments

Auvo® and Brain Relief® are relaxing touch therapy methods developed in Finland. Treatments that balance the nervous system offer support for the body´s natural recovery and healing mechanisms and offer the body and the mind a moment to stop in the middle of acute or prolonged stress.

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"Kaisu´s treatment made me, a stressed-out office worker, wish for the treatment to keep on going."

Mirva 53v

Classinen hieronta


Shiatsu is a holistic form of body care based on the old Chinese acupressure tradition, which is based on pressing acupuncture points located on the body's energy channels, i.e. meridians. In the treatment, the acupoints of the meridians are worked with, for example, thumbs, knees, elbows, knuckles or feet. In addition, the treatment includes massage, stretching and swaying. The treatment is done on the floor on a thin mattress over the patient's clothes.

"Wonderful, comprehensive body treatment that relaxes me from head to toe.
It is also a treatment that suits my sensitive body. Having a shiatsu treatment
regularly helps my mind and body to feel healthy. When I lie down on the
mattress, I forget worries and sorrows and usually don’t want to get up after
the treatment!"

Johanna 41v


Classic Massage

Classic massage relaxes tense muscles, invigorates blood circulation, and boosts metabolism. Massage calms the central nervous system and thus the result is positive, alleviating stress.

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