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Do you feel a longing for a connection with nature? Nature whisperer Kaisu Niiranen can help you find your way back to your roots. She offers diverse nature, natural healing, well-being, and educational services.

Kaisu provides a wide range of services that cater to everyone's needs. If you crave relaxation and peace of mind, Kaisu's Brain Relief treatment can help you alleviate stress and anxiety.

Among Kaisu's services are also unique experiences, such as staying overnight at a nature hotel or guided nature trips and moments. Kaisu aims to awaken in you once again that feeling of touching soft moss, breathing fresh air, or listening to the gentle whisper of the wind.


Return to nature and
find yourself again
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nature services


Kaisu, your guide. Discover a journey with me to where you are from
Read more about my education and my personal relationship with nature

"I drive to your clinic impatiently. I've been waiting to see you for many days. I
open the door and hear a familiar happy greeting and get a warm long hug. I've
been waiting for this, too. I see that you sincerely wish to hear about my life. I
get to lie on a warm table and feel the warmest hands. Those skillful hands
find and examine the incorrect positions and tensions in my body, and also the
stresses of my mind. Traditional Finnish mobilisation for the entire body in
your gentle, sensitive hands feels wonderful and very relaxing. I feel that my
postures have been tangibly corrected in my body, and at the same time my
mind has become balanced. I can only thank you from the bottom of my heart
that I have found my way to your treatment clinic."

Alli 41v


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