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Animal-assisted Mindfulness

Animals teach people to be present. The Nature Whisperer is assisted by Finnish horses and the lovely dog Taiga. The animals react immediately if the person is not present and does not focus on what they are doing. The animal
accepts and meets the person as they are. A horse in particular is a mirror of emotions for a person. Our training sessions consist of mindfulness exercises, where, for example, we brush the horse, focusing on what we are doing and connecting with the animal. If you wish, you can do relaxation
exercises with the horse, for example by tuning into the horse's breathing or relaxing while sitting on their back.

"I haven't had much contact with horses before, but have found these
sessions very suitable as they are customised for me. The horse and I were
able to get acquainted and used to each other gradually. I have brushed,
stroked, and hugged the horse. I have also given it treats. With the horse,
I have felt that I am present and that I have been able to focus completely on
what is happening in the moment. Touching the horse felt very soothing in my
body. And even though it was a little scary at first and I was a bit tense, being

with the horse gave me a sense of security. In my opinion, a moment with a
horse is suitable for relieving stress, hurry and anxiety."

Jossu 40v

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